Nothofagus beech or appearance

Nothofagus beech or appearance and its species: antarctica, Nervosa, obliqua, betuloides

Apparent Beech

Nothofagus antarctica (Bot.)

Southern beech, beech false, Antarctic beech (Eng.)

À petites feuilles Hêtre (French)

Scheinbuche, Südbuche, Pfennigbuche (German)

Fagaceae – Beech family

The apparent beech stands out for its irregular habit and graceful curling leaves. He is attractive throughout the year with its fragrant leaves in spring, glossy green leaves in summer, yellow fall color in autumn and the bizarre structure of the branches in winter. He is related to the copper beech, but rarely found in the Netherlands. It is a small tree that is at most 8 m high and often grows Multi-trunk.

The lower branches are sometimes on the floor. The branches are like fish bones at regular intervals of the main branch off.


The apparent Beech is native to Patagonia, Chile, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand and Guinea. He grows in jungle-like forests.

male flowers

Naming: Nothofagus comes from the Greek meaning false beech.

female flower

Plant Characteristics

Apparent Beech is a deciduous small tree with an oval, open crown much light. With us it does not exceed 8 m, while in his home country can reach 35 meters. The small leaves are oval, bright green and have curled edges. They spread when anticipating a sweet, spicy fragrance. The autumn color is golden yellow.

The flowers are monoecious, unisexual, greenish yellow and appear in May The fruits are inconspicuous and resemble beechnuts.

Bark and branches are brown. The young branches are like those of the nave, with prominent lenticels (schorsporieën).

It’s a fast grower.

There are about 35 different kinds of false beech in different parts of the world.
Nothofagus antarctica is for sale as a shrub, and tree is also grown in columnar form.

Nothofagus betuloides

Nothofagus nervosa, from the Andes, to 25 m high, but reaching this level with us. Because the main branches will later depend, creates a spherical crown shape. The heavily veined leaves are finely cut and similar to that of hornbeam (Carpinus betulus). The autumn color is golden yellow.

Nothofagus nervosa Nothofagus obliqua

Nothofagus obliqua in his home country 30 m high and there is a major wood supplier. The reddish wood like oak and is suitable for furniture making. The oval leaves are shiny green and blue at the bottom fade in autumn red and yellow. The leaf edge is toothed.

Nothofagus betuloides is an evergreen species.

Nothofagus antarctica


A sheltered area is important for all appearances beech species, because they are prone to tear and fall winds. There takdelen soon break down.

Apparent Beech is the best as a solitary in the sun or half shade. He does not like an alkaline soil, but grows preferably on moist humus-rich soil.


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