Prunus Padus or indigenous wild cherry

Prunus Padus and the native wild cherry wild cherry ordinary —

The cherry blooms profusely in spring with clusters of white flowers that smell nice.
Prunus is the Latin name for plum. Po is the old Latin word for the Italian river Po. The tree has its botanical name from the fact that in large numbers on the banks of the Po occurred.

Prunus Padus (botanical name.)
Bird cherry (English)
Cerisier à grappes (French)
Gewöhnliche Traubenkirsche, Sumpfkirsche (German)

Rosaceae – Rose family

The ordinary wild cherry (not to be confused with the Black Cherry) is a large shrub or up to 10 m high, often multi-stemmed deciduous tree with overhanging branches. When cutting the twigs smell of bitter almonds. The leaves are scattered, are oval, finely serrated and pointed. The top surface is matte, the bottom blue-green. At the leaf base are two green glands.
The hybrid, star-shaped flowers are white, aam inside hairy and have five petals. They hang in bunches to branches. Their scent is pleasant. Thanks to their rich nectar they gladly visited by bees.
The flowers develop pea sized stone fruits which, when ripe, glossy black. The flesh is bitter but not poisonous. In autumn the leaves change color orange yellow.
The bark is smooth, gray and black with bruising smells unpleasant.
He makes root suckers.

berries of the common wild cherry

The black cherry occurs in Europe and large parts of Asia. It grows in river valleys, deciduous forests, swamps, roadsides, in thickets and on mountain slopes to an altitude of 1800 m. We he comes in Southeast and central Netherlands on moist sand and loamy soil. Often we see him as a shrub. In the garden he was 12 meters high and 6 meters wide. On dry soil is a small tree or shrub.
He is conceited to the American wild cherry.


Prunus Padus ‘Rata Colo’ is up to twelve meters high. Its leaves are red and brown walking after dark, while the bottom stays red wine. The flowers are pink.

A tree to 15 m high with white flowers is Prunus Padus’ Watereri.

Prunus Padus ‘Pandora’ is distinguished by its columnar crown. He is only 5 meters tall and has light pink flowers.

Prunus virginiana or Virgin Ische cherry similar to the regular black cherry, but has red berries. The leaves are slightly pointed. He represents many root suckers. The leaves are more pointed than the regular black cherry, dull green and gray on the bottom. He is from North America and is cultivated here since 1670. He was mainly planted in the dunes where he was wild.

Of the ripe berries can compote, juice and liqueur.

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