Prunus subhirtella ‘Autumnalis’: a winter-flowering Japanese sierkers

Winter Flowering sierkers (Prunus subhirtella ‘Autumnalis’)

Winter prunus, a Japanese sierkers, is one of the few winter bloomers. Often he begins to bloom in November, and this may cause in March / April to continue (except in freezing weather). Sometimes you see a snow-dusted tree standing beside a flowering prunus. You need to look to tell the difference: pinkish-white flowers. If you want to plant this tree, you must realize that he is 8 meters high.

Endemic winter Prunus Central Japan. He will be planted throughout the gardens. He came to Europe via the U.S. around 1894.

The word prunus true for the large family of cherry and plum fruit, meaning stone. Subhirtella indicates the rough underside of the

leaves. Autumnalis means autumn flowering.

Plant Characteristics
This winter Prunus is a densely branched shrub or medium-large tree with overhanging branches and slightly oblique outstanding. He has a broad, open crown, so there is enough light through to plants growing at his feet. Below is the trunk of older trees usually bare, so that you have low-growing shrubs you plant. If he is in leaf, he seems like an umbrella without removing much light. The semi-double pale pink, almost white flowers are smaller than those of spring-flowering cherry. When it freezes, it stops just in bloom, you can cut a few branches in the vase. There they continued bloom. After the frost period develop new flower buds.

The leaves are green and yellow orange colors in the fall.

Because of its long flowering prunus blossoms winter never really rich, but enough for you during the gray winter months to be surprised.

Winter Prunus is unfortunately prone to illness called dehydration. This happens especially in spring when the weather warms up. Then turn to the fungus. Flowers and leaves wilt and turn brown. The disease strikes quickly spread to other prunussen. You can fight it by spraying trees with a mosaftreksel.

The winter pruning prunus need not be, unless there are dead branches. That you remove and you can not throw on the compost. Put them in the organic waste bin.

Species also winter blooms

Prunus subhirtella ‘Autumnalis Rosea’ has semi-double pink flowers. They are dark pink in bud.

Winter Prunus (Prunus Fall, Japanese cherry)

Prunus subhirtella “Autumnalis’ (Bot.)
Autumn cherry, winter flowering cherry (English)
Cerisier d’Automne (French)
Schneekirsche (German)

Rosaceae – Rose Family

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