decorative apples

Ornamental apples in the garden as an ideal small garden with beautiful trees, leaves, flowers and fruits

Ornamental Apples: trees with beautiful leaves, flowers and fruits

Decorative apples

Choosing a tree is a lot harder than choosing plants. For most plants is that you are a pretty good picture of how they can form in the garden will look. Should it then to fall, then get them there with relatively little trouble again.

When a tree is a lot harder to imagine how this finally will look in your garden. It often takes a long time before reaching the size is reached and if so, it is a risky transplant. Then there is the tree, or you will like it or not.

Yet it is worthwhile to delve into choosing a tree. They give structure to the garden, especially in winter is clearly visible. In the summer they provide shade and cooling. Depending on the selection, a tree also very attractive from leaves, flowers and fruits.

In a small garden may need to a tree, but there is no desire for the whole garden to put in the shade. Just when space is limited, it is important to be critical in the selection. Then we want a small tree with beautiful leaves, flowers and cute like fruits.

All these wishes can be fulfilled by the ornamental apple.

Malus ‘Professor Sprenger’ is a small tree with a nice shape. In the spring from the dark pink buds white flowers, even a little smell, soft and fresh. The contrast between the pink buds and open flowers has been a wonderful sight.

After flowering is the professor for a long time on. You would miss him but he was not there, because its nice shape and size give the little garden just a great mass of substance.

Later in the summer, apples in the picture. Small but great! They are orange in color, very cheerful, and remain long on the tree. Where they form later in the fall an attractive contrast with the yellow leaves.

Another must is Malus ‘Royalty’. This apple has decorative purple leaves all summer and is thus an accent to the garden show. The color is pretty deep, not to be sad, and beautiful combinations may interfere with shrubs and plants.

In the spring there will be some red flowers. The color of the flowers is slightly different than the blade. The flowers are as such not much, but feed during flowering have a special sparkle and depth to the tree. In the autumn, the dark red apples.

Both apples make no specific demands on the soil and, unlike some other decorative apples, not very susceptible to scab. They prefer a spot in full sun but tolerate some shade.

They are both used in the garden in Demen.

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