Prunussen in all sorts of formats

Prunus (sierkers, cherry laurel leaves,…) with losers and evergreens, with shrubs and trees.

versatile Prunus

Prunus is a large and diverse genus, with leaf evergreens and losers, with shrubs and trees. The great diversity makes a wide range of applications.

The leaves are oval to oblong and still is in most cases not the great ornamental value of the tree or shrub. With a permanent green is different.

Evergreen is the famous cherry laurel Prunus laurocerasus or (not to be confused with the laurel or Laurus nobilis). This is a very dense shrub with glossy leaves in a deep green color that is often used as a hedge plant. There are creamy-white flowers in bunches, in the spring. Later this followed by cherry-like fruits. There are, low-growing cultivars such as Prunus laurocerasus’ Otto Luyken ‘Prunus lauroceracus’ Van Nes’,…

There are trees in the Prunus genus because of their fruits are grown, such as cherry, almond and peach.

There are also Prunus species are grown for their beautiful bark. Prunus serrula has a copper red with scaly bark bark with a nice shimmer.

There are trees in which to produce beautiful double flowers. This applies, for example Prunus’ Sinensis’ (Prunus glandulosa ‘Rosea Plena’) and ‘Kanzan.

Prunus ‘Kanzan’ or the Japanese sierkers is probably one of the most common trees. Halfway through the spring, many large pink flowers adorn this tree. For a short time, “la vie en rose” because everything is pink by the swirling flowers. Unfortunately it takes the bloom briefly and the rest of the year the tree is not strikingly beautiful.

There are Prunus trees that bloom very early. Prunus subhirtella ‘Autumnalis’ blooms very late and maybe there are good long time through, so it’s suddenly an early bloomer!

A less-known early bloomer is Prunus Mume.

Prunus Mume “Ben-chi-dori ‘blooms from mid-January to late February with deep pink, almost red single flowers on the bare wood. The large amount of flowers’s note but the long flowering and intense color. Many early bloomers have more colors but pink “Ben-chi-dori ‘is spirited and striking distance of an alert. The flowers smell wonderful. Very nice with Bergenia (cobbler) and lower plants.

“Ben-chi-dori ‘is more a shrub than a tree. It grows to over two meters in width and reaches the same height.

The foliage is dark green and pointed. In summer it is not remarkable but is a peaceful bush backdrop. In winter you can enjoy the special flowers!


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