Tough trees in winter

Let yourself be impressed by the strong winter silhouette of sturdy trees

Tough guys

Tough guys like this plane, showing their true nature in winter. Let yourself be impressed by the strong winter silhouette!

Even in the month of January in the garden is still plenty to do. Plants and trees show off a rich diversity of white, brown and gray tones. Explore and color your life!

Especially the tough, sturdy trees make an impression at this time of year. While they are in the summer could hide under a thick layer of leaves in the winter they show bare their true character and unapproachable. On a bright winter is to completely enjoy: the powerful-trunks and branches over stabbing sharp contrast to the crisp, blue sky.

The plane tree (Platanus hispanica) is such a tough guy who is confident in the winter to show off. With its gnarled branches making it a splendid winter silhouette. The peeling bark is a year round feast for the eyes, but with a dusting of snow this guy completely irresistible. The white birch (Betula utilis jacquemontii) with its creamy white, peeling bark more modest but just as appealing. One tough guy makes it really fur. The amber stem of the maple (Acer griseum) is increasingly frayed as the year progresses and turns dark brown or shiny red.

trunk of Betula ermanii – Gold Birch

For every garden is a tree found. And that’s a good thing, because without trees is a garden a bit boring. Trees, with their height for a vertical line. This makes the garden alive and interesting to watch.
Trees not only provide height. With their tree crown, they also width. This is certainly an outcome on summer days. The canopy keeps the sun and provides a natural way to cool off. A favorite shade tree is the sycamore. In summer, it has many leaves and can be grown as Horizontal espalier, where the branches are led on a horizontal frame. There is no parasol that!

By the changes of the seasons you never tire of the garden. Especially trees undergo constant transformations, so you can experience the intense seasons. And for that you do not really chestnut tree to plant. A tree of a modest size, such as Prunus serrulata, also gives a different picture each season. This sierkers exuberant blooms in spring with white to pale pink flowers, and the beautiful green leaves in summer are yellow to orange in fall colors. After the winter starts the show again.

Bark of the Prunus serrulata Japanese or sierkers

It feels good around trees. Who ever makes a forest, know that tension and stress disappear into thin air. Even facing a tree has a salutary effect. And what’s even more attractive trees have an air purifying effect. Thus, they contribute to a healthy environment.

Tree Concert
Even animals are happy trees. The planting of one or more trees is a good way to attract them. Especially birds are grateful users. They fly from tree to tree looking for food among the branches and leaves. Also to rest and shelter is an ideal tree. Some species build their nest in there also. On sultry summer evenings it is likely that a bird alights on a branch to sing at a concert to bring. A better reward for planting a tree is not there!

Garden tip 1: Do the birds in the garden, especially in permafrost. Place the bird garden book ready to see who is coming to visit! Offer the food always an open spot in the garden so the birds impending danger in time to see coming.

Garden tip 2: Make plans for spring. Collect pictures of gardens that appeal to you, make a list of plants to buy. The anticipation can now begin!

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