Propagation through layer stacking

Stack = low or stratify treatment of the hard seeds such as nuts, afterwards better seeding

Self trees and bushes rear, from the very beginning, it is perhaps not so easy but definitely worth considering. Here I would like step by step explain how everything works, this board will certainly succeed!

The most obvious method is to sow here. But for good germination of seeds harvested themselves available, there are some necessary interventions required to achieve a satisfactory outcome: including low stacking or stratify the seeds.

Most seeds of flowers, vegetables and ornamental shrubs are kept dry and easily spread, but for a certain group such as nuts, berries, acorns and stone fruits and this is not possible here to get the layer stacking method used.

What is “low stack”?
Stacking layer or “stratify” the layer-stacking nuts, acorns, berries and stone fruits with moist river sand. Rhine sand or river sand is the best one among the places where the seeds have little or no germs contain well-permeable, airy and weeds Fri

Usually do it in clay pots or wooden boxes according to the quantity or necessity. After the layer stack can store the container in the ground (fans) or in refrigerators (growers)

The purpose of layer stacking

1. The cessation of dormancy

Normally in the autumn when the seeds of trees on the ground and weather conditions are optimal (hot – humid), these seeds germinate, but this is countered by kiemremstoffen present in the seeds, these kiemremstoffen be broken in cold weather. By gelaagstapelde seeds in a cool place (north wall – fridge) we need to keep mimic post-cold, so we keep everything under control.

Even by the low stacking the ripening of the seeds of certain seeds matured sufficiently facilitated.

2. Loosen the seed of the wall

Some seeds have a hard and almost impenetrable wall seed so it is difficult to water the seeds of the seeds can penetrate.

Without this moisture, the germination is not possible hence at the low stacking the wall slowly separate them and thus the necessary moisture to penetrate into the bud. Also, the layer stacking period depending on the hardness of certain seeds, there are seeds that one even before it must hurt to still stratify the water to allow germination. Also, bacteria and fungi are working on this process.

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