black tupelo

Trees that stand in their beautiful winter bark or trunk

Strains as real jewels in the winter garden

The bark of a deciduous tree in winter is often brilliant. Especially when the low winter light on the trunks and branches fall, they sparkle in the sun. They show great colors and designs. Also branched crown and come winter much better justice. They are strikingly different for each species.

Trees also adapt to circumstances. Trees close together, often forming together a crown and a single nave in a park looks very different from a beech in a beech forest. Suspend cracks and sometimes leaves off stems and branches as thicker from the inside. This gives the most wonderful effects.

Acer griseum

Acer palmatum ‘Sangokaku ”

Betula utilis’ Jacquemontii ”

Acer capillipes

Very nice tree for the garden
When it comes to superb suspension, you should definitely look at the maple, Acer griseum example (the paper maple) with its peeling, papery, orange-brown bark or coral pink takkleur of Acer palmatum ‘Sangokaku. Also A. davidii, A. pensylvanicum and A. Rufin inheritance are magnificent. More choice? The sierkers Prunus maackii with amber peeling bark (like birch), white flowers in spring and yellow fall color. In Prunus serrulata, the mahogany-red bark, the flowers are white and the leaf turns yellow in autumn. In the birch Betula utilis ssp. jacquemontii one of the most beautiful white bark (also kittens and a lovely yellow fall color).
When selecting a suitable tree garden especially the combination of properties.
There must be something to enjoy in all seasons are (flowers, fruits, leaves and other colors) and they should not be too large. Said the trees meet them, but the choice is much greater. A few suggestions: the corkscrew willow (Salix babylonica ‘Tortuosa’), Acer capillipes, ornamental apples (Malus), the beautiful Stewartia monadelpha, the gloss medlar (Photinia villosa) with its red berries and red-orange fall color, rowan (Sorbus), but also narrow columnar growing trees such as Acer saccharum ‘Temple’s Upright’ and breeding forms with the word ‘Fastigiata’ in its name. And you have absolutely no place for a tree, there are hundreds of bush types to choose from. Highly recommended: the cherry tree (Amelanchier lamarckii). That’s three times a year well: clouds of white flowers in spring, then sweet-flavored “grapes” and finally orange-red-yellow autumn leaves. The white dogwood (Cornus alba ‘Sibirica “) with red branches. Cornus sanguinea ‘Winter Beauty’ shows winter branches underneath bright orange yellow, and rose above the tops of red, golden yellow fall color. At the Cane thibetanicus purple frosted silvery branches, Kerria japonica, they are in bright green. There is much more beautiful.

Good plants
It is an excellent time to plant trees, but plant if the ground is frozen or very wet. To later problems with the neighbors to avoid a tree, never within 2 m of the garden border plant. That is so determined by law. Again, choose a tree that is not too large. There are so called ‘topiary’ for sale (think lime trees and sycamores, but there are many more forms available) by annual pruning within reasonable limits. Always put a tree in a large planting hole, make sure he is as deep as he will be placed on the farm or in the pot was. Clean the outer roots of a root ball a bit loose. Create a gaaslap until the hole off. Always save a tree pole in the hole and only then put the tree next to it. For trees with ‘bare root’ come, spread the roots in the planting hole. During the implantation the soil well around the roots or root ball stamp down. Enter the first year after planting a lot of water regularly and keep at least 50 cm of soil around the stem weed Fri

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