Columnar trees

Scientific name: Nyssa sylvatica

The tupeloboom is its beautiful autumn colors of a beautiful park deciduous trees. The rest of the year he fell ill at, but then, after the first frost, he seems to ignite. From a distance you think it is a maple, an oak or a hickory goes. But then you discover that you are a completely different tree for you, you may not know. It is the black tupelo you have won admiration.


Tupelo is indigenous to wetland areas of North America, especially in the east. He is also in China and the Indonesian Archipelago. He is also known as or watertupelo moerastupelo ..

plant Characteristics

Tupelo has a broad, pyramidal to oval crown. The branches are often pendulous.
It has oval, leathery leaves in spring and summer, deep green and blue-green on the bottom. They are bright red in autumn colors, orange and yellow. It flowers in May, with scenes full of long stemmed white inconspicuous green flowers that are in the autumn to blue, oval berries develop. These are edible, but not really well. This tree we found mainly in arboreta, is mainly for its beautiful autumn colors planted.
The bark is dark brown or dark gray and peeling off in older trees.
In his native North America, he can reach a height of 20 meters. With us it does not exceed 10 m.
He can, under favorable conditions 1000 years old.


Nysa Nyssa is derived from the name of a water nymph from Greek mythology. This name is mainly related to the water tupelo (Nyssa aquatica) who first described this type of botanical werd.Sylvatica means ‘the forest’. Tupelo is the Indian word for this tree.


Tupelo grows best in partial shade or sun in moist loamy soil that should be. He is hardy.


So far, people in the U.S. and five Asia-tupelo species were discovered. One is Nyssa aquatica, water tupelo.

Some cultivars are:
‘Autumn Cascades’, a weeping form with drooping branches;
Miss Scarlet has flaming red leaves in autumn.
A small species (4 m) Nyssa sinensis, Chinese tupelo.


The wood of tupelo is hard and difficult to split. It is used in America for pallets, flooring and as firewood.
Tupelo is a wonderful shade tree for large gardens.


Nyssa sylvatica (botanical)
Black tupelo, black gum (English)
Tupelo, Gommier noir (French)
Wald-Tupelo (German)
Nyssaceae – tupelofamilie

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