Abelia floribunda

Evergreen shrub to 3 m high with hairy young shoots downy. Leaves 1.5-4cm long, oval, shiny dark green and smooth. Nodding flowers in small clusters on the ends of twigs. Five bracts, lanceolate to 10 mm long with marginal hairs. Corolla 3.5-5.5 cm long, narrow funnel-shaped with spreading lobes, bright to dark. Flowering from June to August. Native to Mexico, Oaxaca, Puebla and Vera Cruz district at 330 m altitude, where it was introduced in Europe in 1841, probably by Carl Theodor Hartweg, in Mexico and neighboring countries in the “gathering” was for the Horticulture Society. One of the most beautiful species with large brightly colored flowers, but unfortunately not one of the hardest. This should really be treated as a pot plant

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