Abelia triflora

High shrub growing to 4 m high. Twigs hairy fitting something first, later completely bald. Leaves very shortly petiolate, 3-7 cm long, lanceolate or long ovoid, with pointed tip and broad wedge-shaped tapered or rounded leaf base. The leaf margin is usually cool, young leaves fringed, originally the bottom a little hairy, later completely bald.
Blooms June to August (September) with white or slightly tinted pink, fragrant flowers at the ends of twigs. Flower tube 1.4 cm long, funnel-shaped. Bracts 5, linear up to 2 cm.
Native to the north-west of the Himalayas, from Afghanistan to central eastern Nepal at an altitude of 1500-2400 m. Introduced in 1840.

Lots of garden fun and greetings Arjan Laros.

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