New Zeeland knot in the spotlight: Astrantia ‘Abbey Road’, a straw-like summer flowers

ls a queen of the night to Astrantia ‘Abbey Road’ the scene. Not only the appearance is special, even the smell is pleasant. Astrantia is known as a somewhat pale and straw-like summer flowers, which modestly boeketvuller a supporting role as a dried flower or play.


With the advent of Astrantia major ‘Abbey Road’ is a completely new image put down. The flour blends a Gothic look of black and bright purple flowers steal with a sweet fragrance. With some imagination like the star-shaped leaves tattooed. Actually does the leaf color from light to very dark.

According to the breeder of Astrantia major ‘Abbey Road’ has a shelf life less than two weeks. The average stem length is 60 inches. Last year there were already 123.000 steal at FloraHolland sold. This year more steal expected. They are sold in bundles of ten pieces of leaves. The flower is available from May to October. The perennial Astrantia is also available.
Astrantia ‘Abbey Road’

Family: Apiaceae


For cut flower culture is really only used Astrantia major.

Care tips

When buying the main open. The optimum storage temperature is 8-10 degrees C.
Store in water is necessary.
Put the flowers are always fresh water with a bacteriostatic agent (Chrysal RGB,        Rosal or chlorine).
Make sure no leaves in the water.
Cut to process a first piece of the stem and remove enough leaves to prevent it in the vase water depends.
For this flower flower food really is not necessary but mixed with other flowers can be helpful.
Leave the flowers in the first few hours package absorb water.
Use a vase that is cleaned.
Put the flowers in full sun.
Fill the vase with water regularly.

Statement of name

Astrantia is an old plant name whose meaning is unclear. Certainly plays the word astron, that ‘Star’, a role: the flowers are star shaped. Major = larger.

key colors


additional information

The flower is the last year in the exclusive auction block. Furthermore, no special actions on the auction had to release. There is a leaflet made​​. This can be requested from the company Rijnbeek.

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