Surinamese vegetables: maka, ocher, pepper, powder, cherry pineapple, cucumber, blueberry and Laboe

Maka – Solanum sisymbriiflorum: in our language, the plant Litchitomaat mentioned, but this flag does the load. In Suriname, this plant is considered undesirable (ie as a weed). I once cultivated, but the fruit was not much. Maka The word, which means spine says it all. Just for curiosity is the fruit mentioned here. So do not be seduced by beautiful names.
wereld biografie
Olmec Civilization
Inca Civilization
Nazca-lijnen en Cahuachi Cultuur
Aarde Hypothese

Ochre – Abelmoschus esculentus

The large numbers of seeds offered to give in practice only disappointment. Even in Suriname takes much patience before they see fruit. Let alone in this cold little country.
I have grown this plant for many years, but the fruits of my fingers to count.
Experience the advice: “Not to begin.”

Pepper – Capsicum Anum

The (strong) Surinamese peppers are such Ajoema and Madame Jeanette. Very early in the home (in February) to grow at about 22 degrees C. Any transplanting.
Then mid-May in the greenhouse or flat container planting. Some not so strong as Jalopeno peppers can be put outside. Placed the peppers in the greenhouse for self-pollination often vibrate.

Poe – Lagenaria siceraria

Fertilization takes place by night insects. Because most tropical plants are grown in the greenhouse deserves preference. With its sweet mild flavor is preferred for the night clear to see.
Shown here is the most common species in Suriname. They pick them for a length of 20 cm. Besides the tropical species are also species from temperate regions, eg the Mediterranean.
The latter can be grown outside in our region. For tropical species, the greenhouse is recommended. Personally, I apply the system to warm feet. After the heat for seed planting in the greenhouse and outside lead. Indeed, outside the night insects have faster access to the flower. The experience is that most fruits are outside development.

Pineapple Cherry – Physalis peruviana edulis

The berry is known by many different botanical names and Dutch. I like the convenience of Cherry Pineapple with synonyms and Cape gooseberry inkapruim. The plant is related to the famous Chinese lantern plant. The plant originates from South and Central America. And used
in salads, jams and fresh.
I grow them in April for home and plant them out in May out. I just let them go about their business, and harvest them as the shell of the berries dry.

Antillean cucumber – Cucumis angurieie

This from the West Indies (particularly Jamaica) come komkommertje spiking even in the cold greenhouse unsuccessful. Although they can be fried, we use them mainly fresh or in salads. Mid-April I sow in pots under a temperature of 20 degrees C. out, and put them in mid-May in a cold greenhouse.

In the summer I have reasonable than a handful of fruit, Fruit set can be found primarily in the autumn. So apparently a short day plant.
Because they need a lot of heat rently I did not regularly.
This year the cold has been grown in advance failed.

Blueberry – Solanum nigrum

This well-known weeds like nightshade Black berry also known as Huckleberry is not toxic, and is mainly cultivated in North America. The plant is larger and has larger fruit than those known nightshade, in Suriname as a vegetable under the name Gumawiri is grown. The berries are preserved and incorporated into cakes.

Weather for cultivation in home or greenhouse and plant out in the garden. One must be
the comments that you eat poisonous berries for granted.
toekomst van apple
arabische kalligrafie
arabische kunst
de toekomst van apple
fenicisch alfabet
gebrek iphone

Laboe siam – Sechium edule

This cucumber-like fruit is native to South America. Though I did early April at home and sometimes on the ground in a cold greenhouse cultivation, I have never had fruit. But very large plants. The reason for the early planting is that they are cooled from August to March, and I supplied them sold in stores by tropical products.

The fruits are pear shaped with a groove at the thicker end. Because of this fruit in half lengthwise to dig downwards creates a carrot and a stalk upwards. Frankly, this is a great sensation. Even if they are outside the refrigerator at home stores they run out within weeks. Also, root and branches in the right direction.
They can be boiled, stuffed or eaten fresh. But even in the hot summer last year had no flowers and fruits.

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