Abies koreana choose another one, a beautiful fir tree as a Christmas tree

Oh pine, pine oh, what are your branches wonderful. “Christmas is approaching again, and thus the interest in Christmas trees. While the song suggests otherwise, are not really pine trees, but spruce trees. Plant of the Month in December, Abies koreana, with its striking perhaps the most beautiful of all the fir trees.

Abies koreana is a very graceful member of the fir family. He has beautiful cones and a nice pyramidal shape. If there is a silver fir is the addition of “wonderful” has earned, then this is it. The species is, as its name suggests, originating in East Asia. It is a slow growing and relatively low-growing tree. In 10 years, he was barely higher than 2.5 m. Only when he really gets old, he reaches into our country a height to 15 m.

Thanks to modest growth and manageable format, the Abies koreana be planted almost anywhere. It fits perfectly in a smaller garden and comes in a planter on the patio or balcony into its own.
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Elegant Christmas decorations

The soft needles of Abies koreana are facing. They are somewhat flat and about 1.5 cm long. They do so a bit like the needles of a juniper bush. The top of the needles is glossy bright green, while the underside silvery white in color. That gives this kind of fir trees all year round and a very attractive appearance.

In most species Abies cones appear later in life, as the trees age and height. Abies koreana produces at an early age. If the tree is only 1 m high, though the first appearance. The upright seed cones of Abies koreana are strikingly beautiful. When they change color from green ripening to a beautiful purple blue. The cones are very chic and elegant Christmas decorations to make.

No wet feet

Like most silver fir Abies koreana grows best in a sunny spot, in a slightly acid soil. If the soil in your garden is very rich in calcium, make an extra large hole. Fill the space around the plant root ball with a mixture of the excavated soil and plenty of pine forest soil. Then the tree most likely to grow out nicely.

The soil should be well let rainwater because firs hate wet feet. The growth is less and there is potential for leaf discoloration and loss of needles.

A true solitary

Abies koreana comes into its own as a solitary, such as a nice spot in the lawn. Around the Christmas lights in the unit may also be hung.

Even if a background in heath or rock garden, this Korean pine because of its modest growth to good use. If you Abies koreana in combination with other trees to use, such as cedars and other conifers, put it in front of each case. Because it grows so slowly it would otherwise be overshadowed by the other species.

Beautiful ‘outside’ Christmas trees

There are several other beautiful low growing silver fir, which also can be used as a solitary. These differences in the Abies koreana in the color of the needles and cones, and the shape of the tree. Good examples are the Abies balsamea ‘Nana’, a dark green, dwarf spherical shape, with short needles, and Abies lasiocarpa ‘Compacta’, a dense, conical dwarf species with short bluish white needles.

A nice low ‘normal’ spruce Picea abies is the ‘Little Gem’, a dwarf form with bright green needles. Other higher growth spruce forests well as specimen trees can be used, the Serbian spruce (Picea omorika), a very slender, upright tree with graceful branches, and the blue spruce (Picea pungens f. glauca).

For any size yard is a spar to find as a “Christmas tree” is very suitable for outdoor.

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