Atmosphere in the Garden – color (autumn) combinations with conifers

Conifers with their needle-leaf and discontinuous are very intriguing. It seems that they change little, but now … Who will pay attention throughout the year sometimes huge variations in color occur, remarkable growth, specific reactions. Only they do it very gradually. For example, there are only a few in once their leaves (Ginkgo, Larix), the others do almost needle to needle. This works so slowly that we hardly.

Who wants to relax, to take certain conifers in the garden. Conifers not only natural, in combination with other plant groups. Soon emerges that something special especially intense calm breathes. Conifers appear to have ever have the time. And this is true, because there are conifers from 5000 (!) Years old. Unbelievable, but true. Then where would you bother?

The unprecedented diversity

Conifers are not just evergreen. The said Ginkgo Larix and the curious duck legs with its brilliant yellow leaves change color in autumn before shedding their leaves. Others like the Japanese cypress (Cryptomeria) gradually fade over the year: ‘Elegans’ is in the fall of blue-green purple, others of green, yellow green, more blue, etc. There are also species that are bronze.

Almost all conifers are very striking young leaves in spring, some have prominent cones (violet-blue on the Serbian spruce (Picea omorika), other fur, yellow, blue or even different colored leaves. And all these different growth forms: columns , bulbs, wild bushes, high crown forms, weeping trees, creepers, dwarfs and giants, and of course special topiary. Nature and breeders have a huge variety of “made”.

The point is, combine

The apparent timelessness of conifers has a great positive influence in a garden when solitary may grow between the plants from groups that much more ‘noise’ make soothing yellow green Buxus and conifers surrounded by ocher / orange autumn bloomers, gray-blue ground cover conifers in the midst of a blue-purple, gray planting and white, column green conifers in very low fields, colorful plants.

It’s all possible with many types and breeding forms of silver fir (Abies), cedar (Cedrus), dwergcipres (Chamaecyparis), Japanese cypress (Cryptomeria), × Cupressocyparis (where the famous Leylandcipres belongs), Japanese walnut tree (Ginkgo biloba) , juniper (Juniperus), spruces (Picea), pine (Pinus), Taxus, Thuja, Tsuga and much more.
Frogs and toads hibernate
Honeybees in the city
Found bat rear
Lawn grubs
Leatherjackets and control
Oak Procession Caterpillars


Put conifers never drip of eaves or other plants. Plant them as deep as they stood at the nursery or pot (see the discoloration on the trunk). Prune or cut them not behind the green. Bare branches do not run anymore, except for Taxus. Most conifers like slightly acidic soil. Give no lime or bone meal. Give special conifers in spring fertilizer. There’s everything they need (the right trace).

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